Creative Producer

I love photography, I love film. Those are my passions; my day job is as a Producer.

The term creative producer has all but been forgotten in our current creative world. But to leave a producer out of a creative meeting is to negate years of experience, shoots, problems and solutions.  And with a mixture of old and new school technology no one person knows everything.

That's where I step in, combining years of my own experience plus working with and alongside seasoned professionals spanning 100's of years of collective production savvy.  Pre-Shoot-Post. 

I spent 10+ years in LA on films, and now based here in Portland, Oregon I've acted as Sr Producer for Swanson Studio, probably the busiest commercial photography / video studio in town, producing over 100 projects in the year and a half I've spent with them.  My clients include NIKE, Adidas, Microsoft, Audi, Cole Haan, Juicero, Nautilus, Samsung and agencies from Portland, London, New York, San Francisco, Denver & Seattle.

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